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Young Alumni Making a Big Impact

Published on February 28, 2014 | By admin


Lindsey, front left, with Mercyhurst cadets Adam King ’13 (back) and Matt Terrigno ’13 (right) earned honors for her academic work as a ROTC member at Mercyhurst

Lindsey Bostwick is a graduate of 2013 and is one alumna that is making a BIG impact – serving our country as an officer in the Army. Lindsey is currently working in a Battalion S3 shop for an Airborne Brigade in Eagle River, Alaska – about ten minutes outside of Anchorage. We thought it was tough living in Erie; we should try Alaska in the winter! Lindsay works as a CBRN Officer dealing with chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological gases and weapons. She prepares her battalion of 200 to 300 soldiers to be properly trained in the CBRN area.

Lindsey says that Mercyhurst prepared her for the real world workforce in a way that a big university would not have been able to. Bostwick graduated with the Class of 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Intelligence Studies. She says “I owe much of my current skillset to the Intelligence professors at Mercyhurst. They were harsh, tough, strict, but encouraging and knowledgeable. I came in to the military with a lot of skills that I would not have had without them.”

The transition for young alumni is not always as easy as some make it seem, especially when you’re far from home. Lindsey misses Mercyhurst’s small, close-knit community and the friendships she made during her time at Mercyhurst. Although living in Eagle River is also a small community, it is made up of a lot of military members and younger couples. The ease and accessibility to different facilities, like the gym, the Laker Inn dining hall, and other places are a bit different in Alaska! Bostwick was a senior senator of Mercyhurst Student Government and participated in Phonathon calling for the Alumni Relations department. Bostwick admits that being a part of student government and activities in college is an experience you can’t really get back when you graduate. It’s a lot harder to make friends and meet new people once you’re outside of your comfort zone.

So her advice for new alumni: “I know it’s tough, job searching and house hunting, and managing your finances. Heck, you might have majored in Criminal Justice and realize you want to be a Zookeeper. Go for it! Don’t let your major hold you back or define you. There are SO MANY opportunities out there. Be willing to move and travel. Be yourself. It will all work out.” Bostwick is living out this philosophy daily as an airborne officer with her new puppy, Charlie. Mercyhurst and the Alumni Relations Department are proud to have this young alumna serving our country!


Lindsey is just one of many successful, young alumni that are making a big impact in their careers, communities, and lives. If you know of an alumni that should be recognized for their work and/or service, please submit a request to our Alumni Relations department at



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