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March Mercyhurst T-shirt Descriptions

Published on February 2, 2017 | By Lindsay Cox

T-shirt design image

We hope you’ve have a chance to see our latest t-shirt design. One reason why we love it is that there’s something for everyone on the t-shirt – whether you went to Mercyhurst College 50 years ago or you’re a parent of a current Mercyhurst University student today, the shirt simply has it ALL!

Because the shirt “has it all,” there may be some images that some people do not know about. Here’s our list of images and a little back story on each one!

From top left to right:
-Cummings Art Gallery – located in the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center building, the Cummings Art Gallery, named for an amazing artist, Sr. Angelica Cummings (whose paintings are on display in Old Main), is an event space and gallery that displays student art work and work from community artists
-Joe Hep(finger) – a favorite neighbor and fan of the Mercyhurst Lakers. Joe is known for his amazing Laker spirit and is even a member of the Athletics Hall of Fame. The image reads Joe Hep, with a foam finger, to combine as Hep-finger for Joe’s last name
-Sister Damien/Bell – the bell is famously known on campus as Sr. Damien, another loyal Laker fan’s most prized possession. She was known for cheering on the Lakers and ringing her bell in support of the Laker athletic teams.
-Anchor DOWN – a favorite line used by Laker athletes to signify “giving it your all” and “anchoring down” to get the job done
-Lake WILLIAM – prior to Garvey Park being built, a small lake filled the space running between Baldwin Hall to Preston Hall. Lake Williams was drained when it came time to build Preston Hall and the space later became Garvey Park
-Louie the Laker – Mercyhurst’s former mascot and uncle to current mascot, Luke. Louie was tragically lost in the great flood of the Student Union – he gave his all to Mercyhurst and unfortunately went down trying to save the Student Union
-kids & sibs – a fun weekend celebrated for many years each spring. Mercyhurst students are invited to bring their siblings to campus for a weekend to stay in the residence halls. Today, the kids and sibs concept is a part of Family Weekend
-LAKE SHOW – another term for athletics to use when referring to the amazing performances completed by our Laker athletes. When attending a Mercyhurst game/match/race, it’s sure to be a show and a lot of fun to cheer on the Lakers
-Mercyhurst College logo – prior to becoming a University in 2012, Mercyhurst used this logo. The logo shows four M’s and C’s intertwined, symbolizing MC for Mercyhurst College
-Big Boy – in the 1970’s a group of Mercyhurst male students were notorious for stealing the well known mascot statue of a local restaurant that was previously located near campus. The boys “kidnapped” the state and brought him to campus. A photo of the students with the statue can be found on the first floor hallway in Old Main
-Shamrock – a lucky symbol associated with Mercyhurst as we are known for and celebrate our Irish roots. The Sisters of Mercy, who founded of Mercyhurst, originated in Ireland, the home of Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy
-Anchor – another symbol associated with Mercyhurst and our ties to the Lake (Mercyhurst and Erie are situated on the shores of Lake Erie). A campus anchor was also generously donated by the Class of 2016 as their Senior Class Gift
-Snowflakes – Erie, Pennsylvania is (for better or for worse) known as one of the snowiest cities in the country. The Erie snows will not stop the students of Mercyhurst – classes will most likely never be cancelled 
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-Graduation cap – a symbol for the goal of all Lakers, to succeed in their studies and complete their years at Mercyhurst with a walk across the stage at a Mercyhurst graduation ceremony. In the earlier years of Mercyhurst College, for special functions, the female students were also expected to wear a cap and gown (which we associate with graduations) to mark the occasion
-Canterbury Clock – a favorite spot on campus and a great photo op, the clock is located in the center of Garvey Park and chimes every hour, on the hour. In recent years, Christmas tunes play during December, and bagpipe sounds play on Hurst Day
-carpe diem – the motto of Mercyhurst University which translates to “seize the day”
-HURST DAY – an annual tradition brought to Mercyhurst by 12th President, Michael Victor. Each fall, a random and secret day is held where classes are cancelled; students are notified that it is Hurst Day with the sounds of bagpipes beginning at 7a.m. followed by a scavenger hunt and an afternoon of lunch, snacks, treats, and games and activities
-Old Main/O’Neil Tower – the original Mercyhurst. Old Main was built in 1926 and was later followed by the addition of the O’Neil Tower and Chapel. When pulling onto campus, one cannot help but feel captivated by its grandeur 
-#LAKERPRIDE – a hashtag used to celebrate the pride one feels for being a Laker
-Cornerstone – a favorite local hangout for Mercyhurst students; known for its proximity to campus, its Mercyhurst decor, and its most popular night, Stone Wednesday
-Haunted Hurst spider – celebrated each fall near Halloween, students and the Mercyhurst community both celebrate Halloween and recall the popular ghost legends associated with Mercyhurst – some say the campus is haunted, many tales have been passed down from generation to generation about the ghosts that may or may not haunt the halls of MU
-The Laker Inn – once a local restaurant run by the students of Mercyhurst who studied hospitality management; today, the lower level of the Student Union uses the name and is a dining area for the MU community to enjoy
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-Mercyhurst College logo (to the right of the clock) – a former Mercyhurst College logo used in the 1980s, known for its blue and green to honor the school’s colors, the interlocking M and C can still be spotted around campus
-M – for Mercyhurst, of course!
-Briggs Ave – one of the streets in the upperclassmen housing area; Briggs Ave. is specifically a spot for many sophomores to live, a great entry into apartment living
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-Lewis Ave – another street in the upperclassmen area, being further east than Briggs Ave., this street is where many juniors and seniors live in apartment buildings
-Garvey Park – a center space on campus, home of many activities, the Canterbury Clock, park benches, the Sr. Damien Bell, and a spot for sitting in the sun, eating lunch, studying, and some favorite celebrations such as Hurst Day and Springfest
-Audrey Hirt Academic Center – built in 2002, this building houses several academic programs and is a spot where many students have classes. Its green pointed dome top can be spotted from near and far
-Mercy Cross – Mercy’s symbol is a contemporary version of the original cross which Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, adopted for her ministry. The outer extensions of the cross represent a ministry that is diverse but aligned around a common purpose, forming a cross-within-a-cross
-Gates/1926 – the gates of Mercyhurst can be found at the campus entry on East 38th Street. Welcoming all to campus, the gates are always open and have been a part of campus since 1950. The year 1926 stands for the founding year of Mercyhurst
-Ambassador jacket – founded in 1993, the Ambassador Club is one of the most well-known clubs on campus. Student Ambassadors who successfully complete the pledge process and are selected, are given a green jacket to wear while giving tours to prospective students and campus guests or while working at a special campus event
-That Thing You Do – a film starring Tom Hanks; in the movie, the band plays a small gig set at Mercyhurst College. An odd fact about the movie is that Mercyhurst’s colors were depicted as maroon and gold…an unfortunate color combination for us Lakers, as those are the colors of our biggest rivals, the Gannon Knights
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-Luke – the current campus mascot, also the nephew of former mascot Louie the Laker. Luke can be seen at campus events and athletic events cheering on the Lakers. Luke follows in his Uncle Louie’s footsteps and came to Mercyhurst to take his place
-Pennant – a symbol to celebrate Laker spirit
-Glasses/lightning bolt – traditionally associated with the popular book and movie series, Harry Potter. Many Harry Potter fans, when coming to campus for the first time, cannot help but compare our beautiful buildings Hogwarts from Harry Potter
-Catherine McAuley signature – the beautiful signature of the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy
-Hurst Hawk – noticed on campus in recent years, the Hurst Hawk can be spotted flying around campus or sitting in a tree overlooking Garvey Park. His presence is very popular and many enjoy spotting the hawk on campus
-Mercy World – a way of life for Lakers. The way one feels when within the gates, a fun term to describe what its like to live and be a part of the Mercyhurst community
-Crazy Dave – a nickname for Mercyhurst alum, Dave Armstrong, Class of 1986. Dave is one of the very few individuals to be both a member of the Athletics Hall of Fame and a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient
-White fountain image – a silhouette of The Blessing, the fountain located in Munson Plaza, south of Garvey Park on campus

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